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The Information Technology map of Energy & Utility Industry entities is becoming even more complex and many of the existing require a deep transformation in terms of business processes, architectures and technologies.

Moreover, the information and the processes owned by the different entities/departments (generation, transmission, distribution) shall be shared and harmonized at the corporate level in order to provide services even more effective to end users and for monitoring and controlling the resources (allocation, metering, technical and commercial losses, forecasting, etc.).

Our expertise in international projects position Utility Industry Consulting as the ideal consulting partner of Energy & Utility entities to design, transform and supervise the implementation of the new or the existing IT map in terms of:

  • Customer Information Systems (Customer Care and Billing)
  • Meter Data Management
  • Smart Grid Integrations
  • Customer Self-Services Systems
  • Network Management Systems
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Workforce Management
  • Settlement & Load Balancing
  • Losses Detection (technical and commercial)
  • Analytics

Our deep expertise on international standards for Energy & Utility Industry, as IEC61968 (CIM) or Multispeak, assure our customers an effective, standard and maintainable IT infrastructure.

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