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Smart Meter Data Management. The solution for Utilities that require fast performances, analytics and predictive analysis all in one.

The Smart Meter Data Management is a tool for smart metering developed with  performance and usability in mind. Enriched with analytical features, predictive maintenance algorithms and machine learning models, Smart Meter Data Management is the solution for those utilities that want to overcome the complexity of traditional solutions on the market.


Smart Metering solutions entered the scene with the aim of allowing utilities to manage consumption data in real-time to improve the accuracy of measurements and the quality of services for end customers. More accurate invoices, improved revenue collection, increased end-user experience satisfaction are some of the business values brought by smart metering. 

A Meter Data Management is the central system that allows a utility to reach the values described above.  Smart meter data acquisition, validation & estimation, usage calculation, communication to the consumer and external systems, data analytics are the main macro functions that make MDM the center of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).


The AMI infrastructures are bringing an increase of data volume, data acquisition frequency and also data type that need to be managed. Old fashion and very complex technology, that are not easy for the end-customer to understand, use and manage, they are showing day by day their inadequacy to manage these new scenarios efficiently,

The variety of technologies deployed in the field and the need to integrate different heterogeneous systems between them highlights the lack of use of recognized international standards by most of the market-leading solutions. The use of proprietary interfaces increases the complexity of the integration process by decreasing the efficiency of the entire AMI infrastructure and by forcing the Utility to be inextricably linked to a single vendor.

The high costs of licenses, implementations, integrations and maintenance, as well as the need for ever greater hardware resources, cut out the medium-small Utilities from the most popular solutions on the market.

The need to adapt business processes to new needs requires that the solutions are easy to understand and usable and can be easily and efficiently adapted to the reality of the company and the region in which it operates. Difficulties in understanding and using them are the main reasons that stop the utility from implementing the transformation process both in terms of processes and technologies. A transformation process also requires suitably qualified personnel who cannot always be found or, alternatively trained, internally within the company.


The union between the competency of our experts, acquired during many years of work in the field, and our Smart Meter Data Management system is the solution to the main challenges to face for a transformation process even for small and medium-sized companies operating in the utility field. 

Based on the power of the columnar database Microfocus Vertica, SMART MDM is capable of acquiring a large number of data with high frequencies in absolutely competitive times and without requiring the use of huge hardware resources.
Our in-depth knowledge of international standards such as CIM IEC-68968 and Multispeak has allowed us to create a simple, easy to use, reliable, scalable and easily integrable solution with external systems. Our experts with their on-site presence or through our competence center, are able to guide smoothly the user in configuring business processes based on international best-practices but easily adaptable to the local reality of the company.
The low implementation and integration costs in conjunction with the low licensing costs make our solution and services accessible to a broad spectrum of companies from the smallest to government companies. This is to be considered an added value especially in the regions where market deregulation favors the growth of numerous companies with innovative ideas and methodologies.

Last but not least, the powerful validation&estimation engine, the use of advanced data analysis algorithms and the application of machine learning models make our solution perfectly in line with technological innovation and in step with modern times.


We strongly believe that the earlier you introduce an MDM system in your AMI infrastructure the better you can take advantage of all the power of the smart metering and increase your efficiency and, consequently, your revenues. 

OU Experts provide not only technologies but a 360-degree consultancy to follow and guide the Utility throughout the transformation process that will take the company to a new chapter in its history.


The Smart Meter Data Management is available on-premise or on-cloud Smart Meter Simulator on Amazon Web Services.

Key Features

  • Fast and high-frequency data acquisition from different sources.
  • Multispeak interface.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, etc.).
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Modern validation&estimation engine (VEE engine).
  • Easy and fast to customize.
  • Powerful analytics algorithms.
  • Aggregated consumption.
  • Billing determinants calculation.
  • Masking and encrypting sensible data
  • Operation audit
  • Forecasting and Load Predictive Analysis
  • Business processes based on international best-practices pre-configured.
  • Intuitive Dashboards and Reports.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operations costs.
  • Optimize operations workflow.
  • Improves response times and resource allocation.
  • Improves billing accuracy
  • Reduces the operator’s training costs.
  • Improve the operator’s effectiveness.
  • Reduce time to market 
  • Increases measurement accuracy and reduces human error.
  • Improve the end-customer experience.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance.
  • Enable machine-learning model development.
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