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We develop, maintain, and provide Utilities specific Request for Proposal ( RFP) and Request For Information (RFI) baselines to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the tendering process.

Often, writing an effective RFP is a missed goal or is very expensive and time-consuming for Utilities. In general, stakeholders have high expectations of the RFP building and tendering process, which are hard to be met:

  • Rapid development, release, and award.
  • No dedicated budget (to be carried out within normal working hours).
  • Perfectly in line with the latest best practices and technologies available.
  • Low impact on the existing organizational and technical environment.

Practically a mission impossible.

A mission impossible exacerbated by the unavailability within the Utility of all the necessary skills and human resources with expertise in the new subject areas of the RFP. To overcome this, Utilities often ask for support from vendors who have an obvious conflict of interest or they engage consulting firms that have no real experience in the matter.

Our RFP Baselines make the mission possible, effective and affordable.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid errors or challenges faced by other Utilities.
  • Allows the RFP to be released quickly.
  • Speedup the tender process.
  • Drastically reduce the number of requests for clarifications.

Key Features

  • Based on international standards and best practices.
  • Constantly updates on the basis of lessons learned by other Utilities.
  • Reasonable, clear, and well-defined requirements that avoid vague and fuzzy responses.
  • Includes a bundle of hours for our support or customization.
RFP Catalog

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Headend System (HES)
  • Automatic Meter Reading System (AMRS)
  • Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
  • Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)
  • Customer Information System (CIS)
  • Network Management System (NMS)
  • Meter Alarm Management System (MALM)
  • Loss Detection System (LDS)
  • Customer Self-Service Application (CSSA)

Request an RFP Baseline

If you are interested in the RFP Baseline, please fill in and submit the following form. Soon we’ll get in touch with you, and we’ll show you the structure and content.

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