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We test the security of the smart meters firmware to ensure the protection of the business, revenue, and reputation of the Utilities, as well as the private and sensitive information of their end-customers.

Smart Meters software (firmware) is likely to be affected by vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by attackers and can cause significant damage to Utilities, their Management, and their Customers.


Testing the security of a smart meter is essential to protect the business, revenues, and reputation of Utilities, as well as to protect the private and sensitive information of their end-customers. Read this article to know more about it.

Worldwide, national regulations and legislation require and enforce that electronic devices, such as Smart Meters and other Utilities’ equipment, are secure.

The European Commission has advised that smart grids and meters may have an impact on personal data, privacy, and cybersecurity, and has taken a number of measures to uphold data protection rules.

Utilities should test the safety of smart meter firmware in many phases of the meter life-cycle:

  1. During the selection of meter vendors.
  2. As part of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).
  3. Before the first roll-out of the meters.
  4. Before any firmware upgrade of the meters.

We provide Meter Security Testing unique products and services to Utilities and Meter Vendors. We perform static and dynamic security analysis on any type of meter’s firmware, even if it is encrypted. A detailed report of the vulnerabilities identified and our support will guide the Utilities and their meter vendors on how to remediate these vulnerabilities before deploying the meter or new firmware in the field.

Key Benefits

  • Protect Utility business, revenues, and reputation.
  • Protect private and sensitive end-customer data.
  • Identify the most reliable meter vendors.
  • Reduce security incidents and remedial costs.
  • Ensure that Utilities stay away from the security oversight of government entities and regulator.

Key Features

  • Static and dynamic analysis of the embedded software and firmware of the meter.
  • Capable of decrypting encrypted firmware up to AES256.
  • Comprehensive and understandable security test report with remediation guidelines.
  • Includes a bundle of hours for our support.
  • Maximum confidentiality.

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