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For the Energy & Utility Industry the common Information Security practices is not enough since, in addition to the Information Technology domain, the Energy & Utilities companies have the Process Control System domain.

Process Controls Systems (often referred as Industrial Control Systems as SCADA) serves to control and monitor the generation, production, transmission, storage and distribution of electric power, water, gas, oil and heat, including the control of associated supporting processes.

The Process Control System domain shall be subject to special security requirements and controls and, in comparison with conventional ICT environments (e.g. office IT, energy trading systems), there are fundamental and significant differences with respect to the development, operation, repair, maintenance and operating environment.

Moreover, both domains of the Energy & Utility Industry can represent a component of the National Critical Infrastructure.

Our international expertise on Energy & Utility Industry combined with our expertise on Information Security practices, position Utility Industry Consulting as the ideal partner for Energy & Utilities Industry entities in order to assess their information security status, implement or improve their Information Security Management System and protect the critical information.

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