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Utility Industry Consulting is a team of professionals specialized in Energy&Utility Industry (Power, Water and Gas) with extensive expertise and active in many international projects.

We provide consultancy to entities belongs Energy&Utility Industry that needs to plan, design, implement, supervise, improve their new Enterprise Architecture or digitally transform the existing one.

Our consultancy services:

  • Acquisition: Support the Customer on obtaining the product/service that satisfies its needs (including writing RFI, RFP, RFQ).
  • Life Cycle Model Management: Support the Customer on defining, maintaining and assuring the availability of policies, life cycle processes, life cycle models, and procedures for use by the organization with respect to the scope of best practices and international standard.
  • Infrastructure Management: Support the Customer on designing and supervising the operation of the enabling infrastructures and related services.
  • Project Portfolio Management: Support the Customer on initiating and sustaining the necessary, sufficient and suitable projects in order to meet his strategic objectives.
  • Human Resource Management: Support the Customer on selecting the necessary human resources and to maintain their competencies, consistent with business needs.
  • Quality Management: Support the Customer on assuring that products, services and implementations of life cycle processes meet organizational quality objectives and achieve its expectations.
  • Project Planning: Support the Customer in producing and communicate effective and workable project plans.
  • Project Assessment and Control: Support the Customer on determining the status of the project and ensuring that the project performs according to the plans and schedules, within projected budgets, and that it satisfies the technical objectives.
  • Decision Management: Support the Customer on selecting the most beneficial course of project action where alternatives exist.
  • Risk Management: Support the Customer on identifying, analyzing, treating and monitoring the risks continuously.
  • Configuration Management: Support the Customer on establishing and maintaining the integrity of all identified outputs of a project or process and on making them available to concerned parties.
  • Information Management: Support the Customer on providing relevant, timely, complete, valid and, if required, confidential information to designated parties during and, as appropriate, after the system life cycle.
  • Measurement: Support the Customer on collecting, analyzing, and reporting data relating to the products/services developed and processes implemented within the organizational unit, to support effective management of the processes, and to objectively demonstrate the quality of the products.
  • Stakeholder Requirements Definition: Support the Customer on defining the requirements for a system that can provide the services needed by users and other stakeholders in a defined environment.
  • System Requirements Analysis: Support the Customer on transforming the defined stakeholder requirements into a set of desired system technical requirements that will guide the design of the system.
  • System Architectural Design: Support the Customer on identifying which system requirements should be allocated to which elements of the system.
  • Implementation: Support the Customer on realizing, or supervising the realization, of a specified system element.
  • System Integration: Support the Customer on integrating the system elements (including software items, hardware items, manual operations, and other systems, as necessary) to produce a complete system that will satisfy the system design and its expectations expressed in the system requirements.
  • System Qualification Testing: Support the Customer on ensuring that the implementation of each system requirement is tested for compliance and that the system is ready for delivery.
  • Software Installation: Support the Customer on install, or supervising the installation, of the software product that meets the agreed requirements in the target environment.
  • Software Acceptance: Support the Customer on achieving confidence that the delivered product/services meets the requirements.
  • Software Operation: Support the Customer on supervising the operation of the software product in its intended environments.
  • Software Maintenance: Support the Customer on supervising the provisioning of cost-effective support to a delivered software product.
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