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Alarm Management for Utilities is a machine learning based system, able to manage huge amounts of event data, analyze events, correlate events and generate alarms. 

Alarm management for Utilities is a tool that improves process automation and uses Machine Learning to train the system to incorporate operator knowledge. It is based on the PAS alarm management methodology and, like all OUExperts products, guided by international standards which are ISA-18.2 and IEC-62682 for alarm management.

The performance of the alarm management system negatively affects operations and costs. The end customer has the perception of inefficiency and complaints are spreading. Operators receive an enormous number of alarms every hour without a significant priority and are unable to understand which alarm was most important to respond first. Experienced operators know which of these alarms are likely to be false positives but are not supported by the system.

Our Alarm Management system has been designed with the aim of resolving the above issues and taking in mind that alarm management is a process, not a technology. 

Our team of experts and our alarm management product are the perfect combination that meets the above requirements. As always, we pay particular attention to international standards such as PAS and ANSI / ISA-18.2 and have developed a powerful tool to support the whole process. The tool is supplied with documentation models for the production of quality documents, a set of standard configurations that can be easily modified according to your needs, a collection of algorithms designed for an advanced and effective correlation of events, a reporting tool and an easy-to-understand multifunctional dashboard. Based on powerful analytical and machine learning procedures developed on Microfocus Vertica, it guarantees high performance even with a large number of events per hour, a drastic reduction of false positives and support for continuous improvements.

In addition, the alarm management tool, with the help of our engineers, is perfect for integration into any HES that does not have advanced alarm functionality.

The Alarm Management is available on-premise or on-cloud Smart Meter Simulator on Amazon Web Services.

Key Features

  • Generate alarms from differents events sources.
  • Multispeak interface.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, etc.).
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Advanced events correlation.
  • Alarm suppression.
  • Alarm Shelving.
  • Alarm flood suppression.
  • Alarm filtering.
  • Alarm chattering and fleeting.
  • Alarm prioritization.
  • Operator adjustable alarms.
  • Operator alert system.
  • Alarm routing.
  • Documentation model.
  • Reports.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operations costs.
  • Optimize operations workflow.
  • Improves response times and resource allocation.
  • Reduce alarm load on operators.
  • Reduces the operator’s training costs.
  • Improve the operator’s effectiveness.
  • Reduces the number of false alarms.
  • Increase network uptime.
  • Increases accuracy and reduces human error.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Improve the end-customer experience.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance.
  • Enable machine-learning model development.
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